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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Irony is a humorous master

As I have mentioned I am campaigning for Oregon's incumbent democratic gov. Ted Kulongoski. So here is where I found the irony. Today I was eating lunch with my sister, before going to work. The opposition candidate Ron Saxton, comes up to us and shakes both our hands, tells us who he is, and moves on. There were a couple of other suits with him.
I just could not get over the irony, though all my coworkers also found it amusing. The truly disturbing thing about it is this to me though was... If I was not informed of his positions, which I diametrically oppose pretty much, I probably would have voted for him just because of this. For the record, I am rather left of the Democratic party, but I have to complement him. Actually seeing the candidate in person, in a casual environment, is a powerful tool. I still don't support his positions, but I now understand it when people say, "He is a nice guy."

Saturday, October 14, 2006


I have just declared myself as a candidate for the Senate. I will run against Smith in the 2008 Election, in Oregon.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

odd hate

I knocked on a person's door and after left. I was about 20 ft away and the person opened the door and said "Fscking asshole" I tried to go back to the person, but she said, "no sorry," and slammed the door on me. She obviously wanted nothing to do with me... Forking bitch.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

another chapter in by book

just a brief battle planning scene...

“Marquis Severance, Marshall Myriam, Magister Rowan has demanded an audience with you both. He is not willing to wait and wishes to speak with you now.” Corporal Zalan cringed and waited to be berated by the marquis, but Myriam answered first.
“Zalan you have done your job well, escort him in,” Myriam replied, sparing only the quickest glance at Severance.
Rowan did not wait for their invitation, but simply walked into the tent. He spoke in a commanding manner, “We will attack just before dawn using the pincer strategy Myriam layed out,” he said in a commanding manner.
Severance look at him smugly and said, “Overruled. I have decided not to attack, but to wait and respond to their actions.”
Rowan countered him looking equally as smug. He said, “I think not Severance. I am the ranking officer here, and these are my orders.”
“How do you figure?”
“I hadn’t wanted to do this but, you leave me no choice. My mother, the Baron of Lor’Alahn, is now dead, so are all of my elder siblings." He paused before again speeking. "Lord Moren witness, Lady Kalthane witness, Lord Morgon witness. As the only surviving heir of my line, I declare myself the Duke of Lor’Alahn, in accordance with the laws of the empire. Do any of you challenge my claim to this title?”
This proclamation was greeted with silence. Rowan continued, “As there are none who challenge my right to the title of Duke, and under the laws of the empire, I now take command of this banner. Myriam’s strategy will be followed, and Marquis Severance will be taken in to custody. This is the order of the Empress, said though me.

accidental volunteer? who would have thought it possible?

Well I went in for my training in canvassing today. I was certain it started at 10:00. Seems I was mistaken. I get to the building and see other people going in, so I join them. The people running it give us the very brief explanation of what we are doing, surveying people to see if they will vote for Lew Frederick as county commissioner in the second district, and handing out his literature. Well it seems I arrived 2 hours early, and joined the canvassing volunteers. I didn't find out until after we finished and got back to the office. A person cam over and asked me if I was "Dan," then told me the training was across the hall in another room. I explained how I had wound up spent the morning canvassing, and they were very understanding, even pleased that I now had some minor experience. Aside from relief that I still had a job after this mistake, I have to admit it was terribly embarrassing. I had said that being prompt and reliable was one of my strong points during my interview. Ahh well it all turned out well this time, but damn that was still disconcerting. On the up side I got some free pizza in exchange for my unexpected volunteer work, after the training session was over. Tomorrow will be my first day of real canvassing work. I actually tend to think that I am a lot more confident about doing it now that I have a little bit of real experience though. So perhaps it all worked out for the good... Hopefully I'll be more effective now.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My signature drink

I may as well share the recipe for my signature drink, the "Apple Joker."

First I will explain its background. I was drinking screwdrivers with some of my mates back in college, and then this came to me. When you add vodka to OJ you dilute the juice to some degree. We also on occasion drank them with apple juice instead of orange. One day I was in the store and found condensed apple juice. It occured to me that if you reconstituted it with part vodka and water, it would not be diluted at all. I decided to do this. I used condensed apple juice, and reconstituted it with 1 part vodka, and two parts Water Joe, (caffeinated water.) I thought about it and I said to my self I have "apple," "waterjoe," and "vodka." Thus I ended up with the name "Apple(water)Joe(vod)Ka, which became Apple Joker. Thus my signature drink. Apple joker varieties became most liked, though I lost credit for it quickly. Anyway it is still my signature drink which I created, and I am proud of it.


I need to think of better titles for posts.
Well my lack of readers, I start a new job the day after tomorrow, canvassing for the Oregon state democratic party. Let's see what kind of interesting stories I might come up with. I'm sure something amusing must come out of this experience. I guess I'll post my various experiences, for all none of you once I get started.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Poem about the end of the world...

Pull up a chair,
grab a beer,
We're gonna watch,
the world's end.

The sun was yellow,
now it's red,
this just tells us,
of the world's end.

Fire blazes,
in the sky,
the end calls us,
as we watch the world die.

Light minutes away,
nine by our count,
we will see it all,
before it hits...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

forgot this...

From now on call me Reverend.