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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Need Interviewees

As I mentioned in my profile I have a degree in East Asian Studies. Although I am now in the industry of cooking, I have decided to write another paper in the field, to expand upon my thesis, Which compared foxes in Japanese folklore to foxes in Japanese modern entertainment, (specifically anime and manga, the former of which you can find even in primetime TV and the latter of which outsells books monthly. It is an entertainment for all people there.) I have decided I will write a new paper comparing the typical view of foxes in Japan and the US, (because thats where I live.) I am going to interview a number of people for my information, but what I really need are Japanese people, or people of Japanese descent. Now I know no one reads this but I'm going to ask anyway, if you know any people that qualify as the latter of the two, and wouldn't mind being interviewed by email, please tell me. I would be super grateful. My thanks.


Blogger Mr. Writer said...

I don't know anyone personally, but living in California, I've had friends of all kinds, and from all around the world. You may want to check up on something like, or university websites like the UCs or USC. Some school will have listings of students or profiles, and if all else fails you could check out the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, and investigate Little Tokyo.

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