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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Steak/Game Diane

This is a super easy recipe for a very flavorful beef, (or preferably game animal,) dish that that involves fire while cooking. The fire does not much effect the taste of the food, as much as the sauce. The fire is mainly to burn off some of the alcohol, to enhance the taste.

Ingrediants are:

1/2" thickness or so piece of beef, (I usually use striploin,) or venison tenderloin
Port Wine (cheapest you can find) about 3 Oz
Shallot - One whole diced
Butter about 2 Oz cut into 3 pieces
(optional) Brandy (cheapest you can find)
Parsley 2 sprigs

Here is what ya do...
Heat ya saute pan, melt the first pat of butter, toss in the steak, (watch it, since it is so thin you will be able to see it turn from red to grey up the side.) When it gets about 1/3 up the side, (probably a minute or two if ya pan was hot,) flip it and repeat on the other side, some where along the line you will probably want to toss in the second pat of butter. Then remove the meat from the pan. You will now have hot fat in the pan, toss in the shallots. Stir them a lot until them start to give off water. The next step is to pour in the port, but before you do so make sure your pan is hot, (it has to be hot enough to vaporise some fo the alcohol.) What you do next depends... assuming you have a gas stove you just tip you pan towards the flame and let it burn, if you have electric you will have to introduce an outside source of fire, like a lighter. If you are using gas and ya pan doesnt light when ya tip it, it means ya didn't get it hot enough, just let it get hotter then burn it. (Flaminging burns out about 50% of the alcohol and makes the taste a lot better.) Let the port reduce to about 1/2 of its original volume over medium heat, (if it is too hot the sauce will separate to fat, water, and solids.) Once it is reduced add the brandy and light it again. Once the flame burns off the alcohol, put the meat back in the pan and saute over medium heat briefly, about a minute, then serve.

Anyway I promised to teach flambeing, so i have to some extent, email me if ya want more.


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