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Sunday, July 30, 2006

All things in moderation

I have been advised by my counterpart that I have not posted enough bullshit on this blog. I cannot allow this sort of thinking to continue. If my peers were to find out about this, I might lose standing in their eyes. What ever would I do then?!

Anywhoo, why is it I must do something now when later is a much better time to do anything? I have lived my life according to the precepts set forth in The Procastinator's Creed and have accumulated much time for the pursuits of my chosing as a result. The notion of being told by other people that I should do something constructive with my time is abhorrent. To them, writing a novel, climbing a mountain, giving up on Culinary School, kicking cats might be constuctive. But for me it's effort that could be redirected in other ways such as reading a novel, digging a hole, making a mess in the kitchen or kicking cats. I am not totally disagreeable on that idea. But I will do things that I feel are necessary when avoiding them becomes too much of a chore.

Everyone should do as they damn well please so long as it doesn't bother anyone else and they take the responsibility for those actions. And I will stop typing as it is causing my brain to hurt.


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