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Saturday, July 29, 2006

easy Baguette recipe

All measurements are by weight

25 oz bread flour
17 oz water
1/4 oz salt (or 7 grams)
3/4 oz instant yeast, (if you dont have instant yeast use warm water, about room temperature, let the yeast soak in it for about 30 minutes.)
Next mix all ingredients together, make sure they are properly hydrated. By that I mean that all the flour is moist and in the dough. Let it rest about 5 minutes, covered by either plastic wrap or a bowl. The dough will be very sticky. Knead it, it will become more cohesive, as the gluten forms. After it gets some what cohesive let it rest, (and rise,) again. After about 10 minutes repeat the process of kneading. Do so gently. Continue until the dough is relatively smooth. Let it rest covered again for about 10 min. This is a recipe for 2 so cut the dough in half after it has rested.
You should now have two pieces of dough. Use your hands to make 1/2 of it into a rough rectangle, about 4x longer then it is thick. aim for about 12 inches x 6 inches. Fold the top over over to the middle, ie about 3 inches down, fold the bottom in the same manner. Press the seam together with your fingers.
After that fold the dough over, at the middle point, so that it is one layer. (IE fold at the center point so the top layer is above the bottom layer. The location on the loaf where the two layers come together will be the bottom of the loaf. If you want a true baguette, score the top of it before baking. Do an odd number of scores along the top of it, at a 20 degree angle to the loaf, with a razor sharp blade. Then bake at about 400 degrees andyou should have some nice bread...


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