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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Friday's activities late

Finally Friday, the end of yet another class. I rather liked baking, but was a bit surprised I made it through it anyway. Today we made what were probably the things I was most uninterested in, variations on cream puffs, and the fillings for them. I just don't like sweets for the most part. All that aside it was shockingly easy. Only needed flour, eggs, milk, a very little salt, and some heat. The dough once made, expands greatly when baked, and ends up hollow with just a shell on the outside. This leaves is ready to be filled however. I used cinnamon cream in mine.

Admittedly the class itself was pretty uneventful, and there wasn't much to say about it beyond that. I decided to make the most of my time afterwards, and bake a few loaves of bread to take with me. I pretty much knew before I put them in the over, that I had made a mistake somewhere in my ingredients somewhere. The dough was too soft and sticky. When it came out, well... My story is that the loaves were confiscated by the government, to be used in the space program as a light weight and inexpensive alternative to steel. Needless to say they were not fit to eat.

Spent the evening with Jen and Steve, my sister and brother in law. Barbequed some kebabs, that despite my sisters insistence of not having marinated long enough, were quite tasty. Being about 90 outside, though cooler then most of the rest of the country, it was quite hot standing over the grill. Quickly found myself dripping sweat, though I didn't much mind. After eating I spent the rest of the evening watching their dog chase streams if water from a hose, most amusing. My sister for some reason seemed concerned that it had been nothing more interesting then a, "normal evening." My thought on the matter was pretty much that, sometimes there is nothing more enjoyable then a, "normal evening." I stayed with them for a few weeks when I first moved to Portland, and I rather enjoyed that time. This reminded me of it a lot, and honestly it was quite different from my typical evening activities. I guess it's all a matter of perspective.


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