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Friday, July 28, 2006

new class

I have apparently been in a new class since Monday... However since I was not in good health I missed the first couple of days. The class is Garde Manger, pronounced "gar-mann-zhei," I believe. It seems to be the art of the cold kitchen. Making emulsion sauces, (sauces that use an oil and and a solidifying agent, like mayo,) sandwiches, and other such things. We have a listing of the recipes we are supposed to make on a given day, but our Chef, Chef Dean, likes it better if we are creative, and alter the recipes as we see fit. It gives us a lot of room to be creative...
I almost regret this because, I am thinking I may drop out of culinary school after this class. I have already explained about my new graduate hopes... I do love cooking, and I like the idea of being a chef, but even more so I think I want a Masters degree in Asian Studies. I have since moving to Portland decided, that my true path in life lies in going to Japan.
I guess I can't say much more on this. I never would have been certain of this if I had not moved to the Left Coast. But now I am certain Japan is my future...
Ahh well so be it. I will have to do my best one the GRE and hope some grad school somewhere will accept me for Asian Studies, despite my bad grades in my under grad education.
I can only hope, but I am actually going to work for this, for some odd reason.


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