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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

starting daily news posts

Ok I have decided to keep a more accurate record of my culinary days, even if it is not interesting to anyone besides myself.

I am in my sixth month of culinary school it seems, as I started in the beginning of January, this year. I am not entirely certain I will keep it up, for various reasons. I have a BA in East Asian Studies, and have recently been reawakened to my interest in said subject. I may seek to pursue it further on, but for the moment I am going to chronicle my culinary education. I am going to start with today, but will probably give some flashbacks later.

First I will give the current "cast of characters," I am going to use nicknames because, I have not as of yet asked them if they mind, and they deserve their privacy. The following are all fellow students. First is myself, Dan. Then there is my associate, rival, and "arch enemy," (not really the latter,) "Mr. Bacon." I call him this because he would think bacon is a good thing to add to any meal, even breakfast cereal. Then there is "Ms. Clean." I call her this because she goes out of her way to clean anything. She is also super modest, and very much underestimates her own creative skills. Then there is "Mr. Silent Slim," I call him this because he is about 5' 10", doubtfully weighs more then 120 lbs, and speaks even less then I do.

Ok I guess I may as well start with an explanation of my current place. We are all in the last week of our, "Introduction to Baking and patisserie," class. I had thought from the beginning that I would hate this class, but I have found baking to be very fulfilling. Let me explain. I do not like sweets much, which puts me off from most of patisserie, (pastry making,) and similarly I don't much like pie for the same reason.

I have however found that making all these things is incredibly easy, and people are impressed by it, (I have been taking pies and scones and such to my sister's office and have become a hero of sorts there.) The pie shells you buy frozen at the store, are at least 4-5 times more expensive then ingredients that go into them, and they are lower quality. On top of that, they are super easy to make, and if you make them yourself you can get crusts that are much more flaky.

Today I made fruit tarts. The same kind of tart you would spend $15-20 on in a store or bakery. The total cost of my ingredients, about $4.00. The cost of making bread, pie, tarts, or almost any other sort of baked good is generally about 1/4-1/6 of the selling price, and it is super easy to do. You just have to know how.

I will leave it at that for tonight, but I suppose I will post more in the future... or I would have had no reason to threaten flashbacks and nicknames for people I know ;>


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