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Thursday, July 20, 2006

This is today...

Today we worked with puff pastry, that we have spent the last day or two fabricating. It surprisingly is even more fatty then a croissant. It uses the same amount of butter but less flour. It is not hard, it is just time, and space, consuming. Today I rolled out my pastries, so they would be able to bake, fortunately I didn’t have any mishaps like with yesterday’s tarts. I decided to cut my pastries into an even number of long strips. This allowed me to fill said strips with some other food content and make a sort of “pie.” I cut an even number of strips of pastry, from each I made a bottom, (the one the filling rested on,) and a top, (the one the covered the bottom and the contents.) The top strip had to be about 15-20% larger then the bottom strip, so it could cover the filling and attach to the bottom. In order to make the top piece and bottom piece adhere, I used some whisked egg on the edges. I then filled the puff pastries with wild caught salmon, and with mushrooms, that I sauteed in a manner similar to the “steak diane” recipe I gave below. I personally liked them, but the rest of the deal is up to you.


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