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Monday, July 24, 2006

This will surely make them love us...

I never knew the US military Rules of Engagement included "kill all military age males." Winning their hearts and minds one murder at a time...


Blogger Rancidoilman said...

The don't need to love us. All they need to do is learn that we ain't leaving until every single one of them sits down, shuts up, and behave. Then we say how we want things to be run and then get out. When that's done they can go ape-shit crazy for all we'll care.

As to the practice of killing off those people that can/will resist us, whay is it a bad thing? History has shown us that exactly the same thing goes on in most other military actions. So long as the people of Iraq take up arms against us, or support those that do so, they should all be considered our enemy and an ever vigilant eye and an itchy trigger finger should be on them at all times.

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