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Friday, July 28, 2006

Today is a good day to bribe a high ranking public official.

Huzzah! Today is a most auspicious day! I have been promoted from mere blog troll to Post maker. I would like to thank the Academy of Sharp and Pointy Things, my hairdresser for not reporting me to the cops, Dan Mohrman for being easily duped, Juan Valdez for making the coffee that others drink that I can't, and the generous supporters of Censorship, Right-wing mores, and Nazis. Without them, I might have voted Democrat. Gods! what a terrible thing that might've been.

My job here will be to post counterpoints to Mr. Silvertail's posts as well as put up some reasonably legal posts of my own.

Thanks for reading and not reversing the charges.


Blogger Silvertail said...

dont make me delete you

9:09 PM  

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