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Saturday, September 23, 2006

accidental volunteer? who would have thought it possible?

Well I went in for my training in canvassing today. I was certain it started at 10:00. Seems I was mistaken. I get to the building and see other people going in, so I join them. The people running it give us the very brief explanation of what we are doing, surveying people to see if they will vote for Lew Frederick as county commissioner in the second district, and handing out his literature. Well it seems I arrived 2 hours early, and joined the canvassing volunteers. I didn't find out until after we finished and got back to the office. A person cam over and asked me if I was "Dan," then told me the training was across the hall in another room. I explained how I had wound up spent the morning canvassing, and they were very understanding, even pleased that I now had some minor experience. Aside from relief that I still had a job after this mistake, I have to admit it was terribly embarrassing. I had said that being prompt and reliable was one of my strong points during my interview. Ahh well it all turned out well this time, but damn that was still disconcerting. On the up side I got some free pizza in exchange for my unexpected volunteer work, after the training session was over. Tomorrow will be my first day of real canvassing work. I actually tend to think that I am a lot more confident about doing it now that I have a little bit of real experience though. So perhaps it all worked out for the good... Hopefully I'll be more effective now.


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