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Saturday, September 23, 2006

another chapter in by book

just a brief battle planning scene...

“Marquis Severance, Marshall Myriam, Magister Rowan has demanded an audience with you both. He is not willing to wait and wishes to speak with you now.” Corporal Zalan cringed and waited to be berated by the marquis, but Myriam answered first.
“Zalan you have done your job well, escort him in,” Myriam replied, sparing only the quickest glance at Severance.
Rowan did not wait for their invitation, but simply walked into the tent. He spoke in a commanding manner, “We will attack just before dawn using the pincer strategy Myriam layed out,” he said in a commanding manner.
Severance look at him smugly and said, “Overruled. I have decided not to attack, but to wait and respond to their actions.”
Rowan countered him looking equally as smug. He said, “I think not Severance. I am the ranking officer here, and these are my orders.”
“How do you figure?”
“I hadn’t wanted to do this but, you leave me no choice. My mother, the Baron of Lor’Alahn, is now dead, so are all of my elder siblings." He paused before again speeking. "Lord Moren witness, Lady Kalthane witness, Lord Morgon witness. As the only surviving heir of my line, I declare myself the Duke of Lor’Alahn, in accordance with the laws of the empire. Do any of you challenge my claim to this title?”
This proclamation was greeted with silence. Rowan continued, “As there are none who challenge my right to the title of Duke, and under the laws of the empire, I now take command of this banner. Myriam’s strategy will be followed, and Marquis Severance will be taken in to custody. This is the order of the Empress, said though me.


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