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Thursday, September 21, 2006

My signature drink

I may as well share the recipe for my signature drink, the "Apple Joker."

First I will explain its background. I was drinking screwdrivers with some of my mates back in college, and then this came to me. When you add vodka to OJ you dilute the juice to some degree. We also on occasion drank them with apple juice instead of orange. One day I was in the store and found condensed apple juice. It occured to me that if you reconstituted it with part vodka and water, it would not be diluted at all. I decided to do this. I used condensed apple juice, and reconstituted it with 1 part vodka, and two parts Water Joe, (caffeinated water.) I thought about it and I said to my self I have "apple," "waterjoe," and "vodka." Thus I ended up with the name "Apple(water)Joe(vod)Ka, which became Apple Joker. Thus my signature drink. Apple joker varieties became most liked, though I lost credit for it quickly. Anyway it is still my signature drink which I created, and I am proud of it.


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