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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Irony is a humorous master

As I have mentioned I am campaigning for Oregon's incumbent democratic gov. Ted Kulongoski. So here is where I found the irony. Today I was eating lunch with my sister, before going to work. The opposition candidate Ron Saxton, comes up to us and shakes both our hands, tells us who he is, and moves on. There were a couple of other suits with him.
I just could not get over the irony, though all my coworkers also found it amusing. The truly disturbing thing about it is this to me though was... If I was not informed of his positions, which I diametrically oppose pretty much, I probably would have voted for him just because of this. For the record, I am rather left of the Democratic party, but I have to complement him. Actually seeing the candidate in person, in a casual environment, is a powerful tool. I still don't support his positions, but I now understand it when people say, "He is a nice guy."